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Alas, all good things must come to an end, and this is the end of the show. I thank you for your time and do hope you'll return soon. I'll share a secret, but only with you. How I create the spectacular spectacles, the sonorous songs, the stupendous stories, the wonderful worlds. Allow me to present to you the instruments that create the magic, and sweep you away to wherever your heart desires. 


This charming instrument is most widely known for its use in Celtic music, capturing the majesty of the Emerald Isles, its rich history, and the wonders of its folklore.  

Dragon Tooth Ocarina

Ocarinas are the oldest chromatic instrument in the world and are truly worldly, having been found in nearly every country in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each one is a piece of art and tuned to itself.


This  traditional Armenian instrument is double reed, made of apricot wood, and boasts a truly unique sound. Featured in The Chronicles of Narnia, The Passion of the Christ, The Uncharted video game series and more, it's unique embouchure makes it tricky to play.


When telling stories of dragons, dynasties, honor and discipline, few instruments are more effective than the dizi. It's thin bamboo membrane pulled over a hole below the mouthpiece creates a unique vibration to the air passing through the flute, resulting in an equally unique voice.

Double Ocarina

This professional, orchestra-grade vessel flute is actually two ocarinas in one, with two separate holes to blow into on the mouthpiece. You can blow them together to create a harmony, or bounce back and forth for an extended range. 


You may be familiar with the soprano recorder from your kindergarten music class, but these plastic flutes are quite dynamic and beautiful despite their simplicity. 

Pendant Ocarina

Ocarinas are traditionally made of clay, and create their sound through an air chamber rather than a tube as with a traditional flute. This leaves a lot of room creativity. Ocarinas can look however you like them to, from pendants, to fruit, to pufferfish. 

Arabian Wood Flute

The holes on this lovely wooden flute are spaced and sized specifically to play the Arabian scale, making this traditional complex scale more attainable, and capturing the dramatic desert landscape effortless. 

Until we meet again . . .

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