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Who Am I

Many have entered my theater for one, and many have asked who hosts them. They hear a voice, they see half a face, but when they draw near, they lose sight. I am a purveyor of stories. A composer of melodies. A creator of delight. My tools are simple. It is you who makes them magic. My music is but notes on a scale. It is you who unveils hidden meaning. I am the hostess, but you are the star. The question is not who am I. But who are you? Why have you come? What do you seek? What have you found? 

I hope you find more than simple pleasure and entertainment. I hope you find questions to ponder, inspiration, and a soothing balm for your troubles. In my theater, cast your cares aside. Sit where you like. Be silent or be vibrant, the choice is yours. Just know that in my theater, you are who you choose to be.  

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