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After the Mutiny

We marched Captain, bound hand and foot, out into the open sear air, cursing and spitting at his feet. Tying a cannon ball to his ankles, we carried him overhead to the plank, and tossed that filthy rat right out into the shark-infested waters below. 

It was done. The mutiny was complete. The ship was ours.... Now what? 

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Lighthouse Cover Art.jpg
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As night descends, and darkness envelops the peaceful sea
Infinite stars glitter above, illuminating me, daunting me, a mysterious entity
With a compass and sextant, I stand on the rocky ledge
My boat awaits, calling me, beckoning me, closer to the mollusk-covered edge
The waves crash upon the rocks, threatening to uproot my kedge, but the lighthouse emboldens me away

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An Emperor. A legacy. An empire and more. A dictator. An oppressor. We've seen it all before.
A battle hard fought. A war finally won. A new age comes. It has finally begun. 
An Emperor. A legacy. An empire once more. So begins my dynasty. My dream. To rule forevermore.

As The Rain Falls - Yasmeen Salama
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As The Rain Falls

The midday sun hides, and darkness envelops all, I shy.

Beneath thick trees, my back to a boulder, I cry.

As the rain falls, and drenches my world, I hope.

My world ends, all sense of purpose drowned, I die. 



In the middle of someplace forgettable

There is a place that is quite incredible

To arrive, it is days by train

And a traipse through precarious terrain

Follow the sounds, a mysterious clamor

And there you'll find Blackrose Manor

Blackrose Album Art.jpg
Black Rose - Yasmeen Salama
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Yazzy's website - Jade Dragon Summit alb
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Jade Dragon Summit

Beneath the snow on Jade Dragon Summit,

there lies a dreadful secret,

A terrible tale, unknown to most,

but revealed to those who seek it.


You are halfway there, your story reached intermission. 

You've still much more to tell, no tale shall suffer omission. 

Relax in this moment, a theatrical tradition. 

The stage beckons, return to your seat, may I continue with your permission? 

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