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Yasmeen Salama Presents...

The Emporium

of Melodies

Music Compositions and Arrangements

by Yasmeen Salama

Welcome. Welcome to my theater for one.
It’s only you, it’s all for you, let your world be undone
Let the music fill your mind, and the stories unfold in your eyes
While you are here, release your fear, let your imagination rise
You ask why, and how you arrived, but soon you will know
Until then take your seat, put up your feet, and do enjoy the show

A Symphonic Tale

How will I delight you? Lock your eyes on the stage
A scene set, the lights go dim, your senses fully engage
With a flute in hand, I’ll breathe a serenade,
Soaring strings, bombastic brass, a symphony is made
A symphony to draw you in, recall not where you are
A symphony to spin a tale, your tale, for you are the star

Featured Melody
Woven With A Whistle

Every story is woven with a song. Can you hear the tale?

Every song is woven by the musician. Can you see it unveil?

Every musician chooses a different sound. Can you feel it in your bones?

I chose whistles, ocarinas and flutes. Can you embrace the tones?

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